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LCC’s 2015 Annual Fundraiser— So Many Great Ways You Can Participate!

If you haven’t heard, the 7th Annual Las Campanas Compadres Triathlon and Kids’ Race is on Labor Day, September 7 at 8 a.m.

There are several ways you can plan ahead and participate in the 2015 annual LCC fundraiser to make it the most successful series of events ever.

First, here’s how you REGISTER to swim, bike and run:

Go to: 

It’s easy! Click on the “Register Now! green button.

LCC 2015 eannounce

or go directly to:

It’s always more fun when there’s a crowd to cheer on the athletes. Join us for the race day excitement on Labor Day Monday, September 7th, at 8 a.m., 90 Clubhouse Drive at the Las Campanas Fitness, Tennis and Spa Facility.

VOLUNTEERS are always needed for race day.

Volunteers help sign in registered athletes and keep triathlon participants safe by directing traffic. Volunteer are posted on race routes to help participants stay on course. Go to the LCC website to volunteer for the Triathlon and Kids’ Race at:


Help LCC reach the 2015 $95,000 budget goal and make the Las Campanas Compadres 2015 annual fundraiser the most successful ever.
Donate, or raise funds by  joining the LCC FOUNDER’S CROWDRISE team at:

ONLINE AUCTION — The online display/listing of  items  will  soon be ready for your perusal and bidding (August thru September).
Fabulous items have been donated by LCC friends who wish to  provide a means for auction bidders to purchase wonderful items while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Very soon, you’ll find travel packages, exquisite jewelry, beautiful artwork, delicious dining, and extraordinary goods and services at:

Save the date!!!
EVENT: ANNUAL PASTA DINNER, Sunday, September 6, The Torreon Portal

It takes place on the evening before the Triathlon at THE CLUB AT LAS CAMPANAS (sumptuous food by their award-winning Club chef.)
Watch the LCC Website for Reservation Details (August) (

LCC  is pleased to announce that the pasta dinner keynote motivational speaker is Tove Shere this year. Tove has over thirty years’ experience coaching athletes at all levels, ages, and disciplines. She is an eight-time member of USA Triathlon World Championship teams with three times as an All-American. She is also a three-time USA Cycling National Champion in Cyclocross and Silver Medalist at Worlds.

Your support in any area of the LCC fundraiser provides the ability for Las Campanas Compadres to continue offering no-fee riding and swimming lessons for people with special needs. Your participation in any part of this year’s multi-faceted annual fundraiser will contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of LCC students and their families.

You ARE the generous people who help people reach new heights!

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2012 LCC Awards Day Recap

The Saturday afternoon glowed with a burnished autumn sun that kept the nippy October air at bay. In anticipation for the awards ceremony ahead, LCC participants and their families gathered around the Las Campanas Equestrian Center’s courtyard centerpiece shortly after 3:00 p.m.

LCC founders, Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra, thanked Las Campanas and the many people who have supported, volunteered, and bolstered the programs of Las Campanas Compadres since its inception in 2007. Through community support, like the success of September’s annual Labor Day mini-triathlon, LCC programs continue to flourish.  The impact of the group is also growing: the no-charge-to-families, half-hour hippotherapy and therapeutic swimming sessions currently taught by Karen Evans and Dave Caldwell are now at the 3,900-lesson mark and counting. The creative year-round fundraising efforts through Albertson’s Community Program and the percentage of sales when people use the LCC portal, are financially supporting LCC’s goal to benefit people of all ages who have disabilities. Through word-of-mouth, appearances on community television, and interviews on local radio stations, Las Campanas Compadres is becoming wider known in the Santa Fe area. LCC supporters as far away as Oklahoma, New York and London have contributed to its success.

Las Campanas Compadres Awards Day is a day of smiles and celebration.  Well-deserved pride and happy congratulations in the courtyard is widespread as each participant is called forward to receive their symbol of achieving individual riding and/or swimming goals. This year’s golden trophies created and engraved with each participant’s name are especially pretty and are only matched in their beauty by the lovely crystal heart-shaped 2012 “Ron Walters Awards” presented to three LCC volunteer recipients this year. Susan Sumner makes sure the Becerras received a meaningful token of the huge appreciation LCC families feel for the Becerras’ dedication and hard work before the ceremony ends. The traditional piñata is raised by Luis for the younger children to take turns trying to breaking it open to take home candy treats. LCC families, volunteers, instructors and founders have a chance to visit with one another while the delicious desserts and fruit they brought for the event are shared.

Awards Day is a splendid time to revel in the pure goodness and life-enrichment Las Campanas Compadres provides for those who take part in the programs.  LCC Awards Day is the epitome of a great deal of team effort, the crowning glory of a year’s work, and the manifestation of the non-profit group’s mission: “People Helping People Reach New Heights”.

To see initial images of LCC Awards Day 2012, click on LCC’s Facebook page:

Another link to see images of the special day are coming soon to the Las Campanas Compadres website:

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LCC Volunteer Hall of Fame- Carole Berger

Carole Berger contributes her riding expertise (and snappy sense of humor) to LCC.  She is one of the Las Campanas Compadres 2011 recipients of the Ron Walters Award. Many of our volunteers donate their time in the community to contribute their talents to more than one worthy agency.  LCC is  blessed to have her.Carol Berger- LCC Hall of Fame Volunteer

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Weekend– LCC Volunteer Hall of Fame

Ms. Laila--style and grace

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Weekend– LCC Volunteer Hall of Fame 2-18-12

Susan Sumner

Las Campanas Compadres Volunteers always have the biggest hearts!

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It Shows On Their Faces

Someone wise said to help others is good for the soul.  It is not far-fetched to believe that helping those who are less-able to function in this world, might minimize our own problems, and could even change our perspective.

When thanked for their generous and kind assistance at the LCC programs, I have  often heard the founders, the volunteers and the instructors of Las Campanas Compadres say that they get more from being with the participants and helping them, compared to the effort they spend to dedicate the time and energy to undergird the  LCC  programs.

On the receiving end of the goodness and generosity of the founders and volunteers, I have often puzzled about just why they respond to thanks by saying they get so much out of their time at LCC.

It becomes very clear when I look at the smiling faces of the children, the teenagers, and the adults who arrive in happy anticipation of a therapeutic horse-back ride or for their swim lesson.  Their expressions reflect a pure joy and a wholehearted appreciation  for the LCC volunteers who make it possible for Georgia and Dave to provide them an opportunity they may otherwise have never encountered in their lives.

Las Campanas Compadres was started from a seed of kindness and generosity by Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra.  The ongoing project of providing  enriching life experiences for local families and their loved ones who have a disability, is obviously a mutually satisfying experience for both participants and volunteers.

LCC is all about “People Helping People Reach New Heights”.  If you know someone who would benefit as a LCC participant, or are inclined to volunteer, please call 505-820-2707,  or go to the website:,  or e-mail LCC at for more information.

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