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Pictures worth all these words…

2013 LCC Awards2013 LCC Awards Day:

Preparation, arrangements, planning, people, place, refreshments, e-mail, invitations, communication, phone calls, riding, swimming; founders, board members, instructors, volunteers, parents, siblings, friends, family, Luis; Students: David, Augie Ben, Angelina, Trevor, Sonny, Nicholas, Axl, Zoe, Matthew, Aaron, Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Elias, Jennifer, Alfredo, Carlos, Analia, Jamie, Jennifer, Abdel, Medhat, Mel, Kelsey, Olivia, K.J, Jeffrey, Caitlin, Alyssa, Darius, Enrique, Shaurya, Marissa, Devin, Zayd, Reyan, Santiago, Lena, Arealyn, James, Eleri-Clare, Liam, Kwanieva, Poe, Angel, Joelle, Jessica, Quique, Aanitya, Francheska, Jameson, Tim, John, Rico, Andrew, Miguel, Erik, Shelly, Sheridan, Rajesh, Christopher, Oscar, Manuel, Gregory, Christian, Meredith, Axel; Ron Walters awards: Mimi, Doug, Linda; afternoon, crowd, friends, family, babies,  toddlers, children, young adults; leaders; milling, smiling, conversation, sharing, caring, hugs, kisses, handshakes, stories; sunshine, warmth, horse, grass, saddles, stables, tables, decorations, posters, shiny stars, colors, jackets, sunglasses, hats;  happy, celebration, recognition, announcements, names, applause, cheers, laughter, whistles, smiles, honor, pride, photos, special, speeches, tears,  hugs, trophies, plaques, piñata, food; visionaries, generous, unique, leadership, united, community, teamwork, funding, sponsors, growth,  effort, encouragement, accomplishment, purpose, goals, achievements, thanks —abilities vs. disabilities,—-reaching new heights.

Congratulations all!

To see  the splendid photos of the 2013 Las Campanas Compadres Awards Day, go to the “Shutterfly” link:

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Intentions, Actions, Results…

Labor Day Weekend has arrived!

The blogging today takes place looking forward to the very special Las Campanas Compadres Sunday evening “Pasta Dinner” and to the Monday Morning Labor Day “Mini-Triathlon”.   So much behind-the-scenes energy and a great deal of effort have been expended to make the events a success and keep LCC’s programs going strong.

Many thanks to the  Becerras,

Santiago and Mimi having fun

the event coordinators, the volunteers, and to the supporters of the 2012 annual LCC fundraising events for what has already happened to reach LCC’s commitments and to meet the financial needs to allow the programs to continue.

Why fund raise for LCC?  Why volunteer for LCC?  Why financially support a group that benefits the disabled in the Santa Fe community with free, fun-filled therapeutic horse-back riding and swimming lessons?

When you do, you create the kind of smiles that simply have no price.

Come out to the weekend events to see how you can make a difference and enrich the lives of some special people.

For details go to the Las Campanas Compadres website:

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