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Las Campanas Compadres 2014 Fundraiser Recap

The annual LCC Online Auction, Pasta Dinner, and Triathlon Super-Sprint race day bring together the most generous and amazing people. They donate the best of themselves to support those with a passion to keep the Las Campanas Compadres riding and swimming programs running strong and available to the community’s disabled.

Alongside the intricacies of running the year-round programs, the annual fundraising is also a continuous effort and is a multi-faceted endeavor to execute initial fundraising plans. Under the leadership of founders, Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra, the fundraiser events intentionally set out to care for others by providing a means to repeatedly create something good and positive in every LCC lesson provided throughout the year.

There are delegated organizational steps by a few that burgeon into the involvement and contribution of time, talents, and funds of many. The initial fundraising plans and goals unfold into a myriad of communication: networking, radio broadcasts, poster designs, printed publicity, online announcements, phone calls, and mailings.

A tremendous gathering of incredibly generous world-class donations in the form of trips, services, and specialty items foster an enthusiastic response from bidders for the LCC online auction. Memories of the incredible flavors and sweet ambience of the Pasta Dinner combine with the powerful visions conjured by a hero’s words and the night’s impromptu and lucrative auction. The professional photos of participants, volunteers, and families on the bright sunlit morning of the Triathlon Super-Sprint personify the excitement, the motivation, and the energy expended to keep the LCC programs robust. The goal-accomplished and happy smiles on the faces of the students and families of the LCC programs certainly buoy the willingness and generosity of those who come together to contribute in various and important ways to make the annual fundraising events a success.

Auction winners who bid to support LCC now enjoy fabulous prizes. Those who broke bread with Master Sgt. (retired) Leroy Petry at the Pasta Dinner listened to him in awe, and became heroes themselves by supporting LCC programs. By now, medals are on display and cheers for the swimmers, bicyclists and runners of all ages are an echoing memory of community spirit and camaraderie. There are no adequate words that can express the measure of gratitude felt for the many that rally and offer what they have to meet the needs of people who accomplish life-satisfying challenges through the no-fee therapeutic activities Las Campanas Compadres offers.

The success of 2014 LCC Labor Day Triathlon Super-Sprint fundraiser events goes beyond the annual LCC fundraising goals. The success categorically signifies that something meaningful and far-reaching in our community has happened again. With tremendous thankfulness and deep appreciation for all who so generously continue to give of themselves, Las Campanas Compadres looks forward to another year of program growth and the continued fulfillment of “People Helping People Reach New Heights”.

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A Voice for LCC Volunteers Speaks

And the Oscar goes to the Las Campanas Compadres Volunteers for the “Best Supporting Professionals of a Worthwhile Charity”…

Along with the Academy Awards, March 2nd marked  the first Sunday of the month  when Rey Post features Las Campanas Compadres on his  “All Things Real Estate” radio broadcast.  Susan Sumner, Las Campanas Compadres volunteer since 2007, and board member, speaks eloquently when she describes  how necessary and important volunteers are to the LCC programs.  She explains that there is a wide-array of volunteer opportunities– without an extensive time commitment– for LCC’s year-round  therapeutic programs and also for the Labor Day LCC Triathlon/Super Sprint.

The March 2nd podcast can be heard at:

To  focus directly on Susan’s six-minute commentary, she is introduced by Rey Post at 29:18 into the broadcast.

Las Campanas Compadres appreciates Susan Sumner and every one of the volunteers who give of themselves to be a critical part of the  therapeutic programs which provide  no-fee lessons to people of all ages with disabilities.

LCC Volunteers--Winners All

LCC Volunteers–Winners All




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A Seasonal and Tasty Way for You to Benefit LCC

TurkeyLas Campanas Compadres Receives a Percentage of What you Spend at Albertsons.

Simply go to, print out a temporary LCC Community Card and have it scanned at check out.


Ask for a permanent LCC Albertson’s Community Card, simply by e-mailing your mailing address to us at

Here’s a Way you Can Benefit LCC and Your Own Family this Holiday Season:

Use your LCC Community Card when you  participate in Albertson’s seasonal promotion:

When you shop at Albertson’s and spend $100, you can get a free 15 lb. turkey.

When you spend $150, you can get a 25 lb. turkey.


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LCC— Teamwork Personified

You spend most of your waking hours in a wheelchair.  You love life, action and adventure.

You’re in a mini-triathlon race. Your buddies are pushing you to the finish line…Wheeling

Click on the link to see an interesting perspective.

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Isn’t Technology Grand?

Getting the word out that there is a non-profit, Santa Fe area organization which provides therapeutic horseback riding and swimming lessons at no charge for people with disabilities is one of the missions of this blog.

We did a little work this week to find yet another way so more people can learn about Las Campanas Compadres and benefit from the programs.

We experimented with a few computer programs and decided to explore  uploading  files to You Tube again!

LCC has its own You Tube “channel” now!

You can see the (three 10-minute  parts) March, 2012 interview of Las Campanas Compadres representatives on “Santa Fe County Today”  which is the public television program hosted by Valerie Espinoza.  We also posted a short one-minute file that demonstrates the special saddle LCC uses for riders that have balance deficits. We also included links to the initial ” jmmd6″ files first done in the early years of Las Campanas Compadres.

How to enjoy the  “Santa Fe County Today” program:

On the Internet, go to:

EnterLCCallthetime (the first three letters capitalized and the remaining letters all run together like that) in the search box.

Enjoy the newest Las Campanas Compadres files online!

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2012 LCC Awards Day Recap

The Saturday afternoon glowed with a burnished autumn sun that kept the nippy October air at bay. In anticipation for the awards ceremony ahead, LCC participants and their families gathered around the Las Campanas Equestrian Center’s courtyard centerpiece shortly after 3:00 p.m.

LCC founders, Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra, thanked Las Campanas and the many people who have supported, volunteered, and bolstered the programs of Las Campanas Compadres since its inception in 2007. Through community support, like the success of September’s annual Labor Day mini-triathlon, LCC programs continue to flourish.  The impact of the group is also growing: the no-charge-to-families, half-hour hippotherapy and therapeutic swimming sessions currently taught by Karen Evans and Dave Caldwell are now at the 3,900-lesson mark and counting. The creative year-round fundraising efforts through Albertson’s Community Program and the percentage of sales when people use the LCC portal, are financially supporting LCC’s goal to benefit people of all ages who have disabilities. Through word-of-mouth, appearances on community television, and interviews on local radio stations, Las Campanas Compadres is becoming wider known in the Santa Fe area. LCC supporters as far away as Oklahoma, New York and London have contributed to its success.

Las Campanas Compadres Awards Day is a day of smiles and celebration.  Well-deserved pride and happy congratulations in the courtyard is widespread as each participant is called forward to receive their symbol of achieving individual riding and/or swimming goals. This year’s golden trophies created and engraved with each participant’s name are especially pretty and are only matched in their beauty by the lovely crystal heart-shaped 2012 “Ron Walters Awards” presented to three LCC volunteer recipients this year. Susan Sumner makes sure the Becerras received a meaningful token of the huge appreciation LCC families feel for the Becerras’ dedication and hard work before the ceremony ends. The traditional piñata is raised by Luis for the younger children to take turns trying to breaking it open to take home candy treats. LCC families, volunteers, instructors and founders have a chance to visit with one another while the delicious desserts and fruit they brought for the event are shared.

Awards Day is a splendid time to revel in the pure goodness and life-enrichment Las Campanas Compadres provides for those who take part in the programs.  LCC Awards Day is the epitome of a great deal of team effort, the crowning glory of a year’s work, and the manifestation of the non-profit group’s mission: “People Helping People Reach New Heights”.

To see initial images of LCC Awards Day 2012, click on LCC’s Facebook page:

Another link to see images of the special day are coming soon to the Las Campanas Compadres website:

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All Went Well in T.V. Land… (re-cap of Thursday’s event)

Las Campanas Compadres was well-represented on Thursday morning when Valerie Espinoza hosted  a taping of her show: “Santa Fe County Today”.  On the 8th of March, the LCC panel was excited to appear on the show to communicate to the local community about the organization and to tell how the locals can take part to keep it strong and growing. The new Albertsons Community Card was presented to Valerie, and the Amazon link on the LCC website was discussed on air to illustrate some creative not-in-your-face fundraising programs for LCC.

It  had been about a year and a half since a first look at LCC took place on a “Santa Fe County Today” episode. Las Campanas Compadres facts were skillfully unveiled by Valerie Espinoza’s interview techniques.  That August, after the first show,Valerie was emphatic that she wanted her new Las Campanas Compadres  to return to her show. She said the first half-hour time period was not enough  to discuss all the aspects of LCC, and she thought it was important Santa Fe area citizens hear what LCC is doing to provide activities and to encourage the disabled population and their families.

Meanwhile, since the first show, Valerie and her friend, Vicky, visited the LCC riding program at the barn one Monday, and witnessed LCC’s specialized saddle in action. Valerie saw for herself what exceptional fun LCC’s therapeutic riding program is for riders and volunteers alike. Valerie  Espinoza is a  busy lady. She is the current Santa Fe county clerk who is also on the June, 2012, District 3  Democratic primary ticket for the  Public Regulation Commission seat.

On the morning of the recent interview, LCC founders, Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra, Pam Franco from “The Club at Las Campanas,”  and John (Mad Dog) Romero, newest board member, and an LCC participant since 2007,  gathered with immense energy, at the Santa Fe Community College television studio to tape a second show to inform the public about Las Campanas Compadres. They were well-prepared  for the show to tell about the founding of Las Campanas Compadres, its benefits to the community, and LCC’s upcoming events.  Valerie’s show is such a great opportunity to tell local people about the good things Las Campanas Compadres has to offer to disabled people and their families in the Santa Fe area.

Before the adept technicians did their microphone audio tests, and the expert cameraman was ready to roll,  there was a nice surprise: Dave Caldwell, LCC’s swim instructor, stopped by (he works hard at SFCC, as well as in the LCC pool),  and introductions were made all around.  Soon, all was prepared on the set, and the interview began.

Besides reviewing the enjoyment of the riding and swimming programs, the expertise of LCC’s instructors, and the opportunities for community members to volunteer to keep the programs going strong, another beneficial dimension  for LCC’s young adult participants was discussed.  LCC’s founders’ exceptional idea of finding fulfilling jobs  for these young adults in the community was introduced. The panel explained to Valerie and her television audience that “The Club at Las Campanas” has already stepped up, and plans to offer meaningful employment opportunities to two of LCC’s young adults: Christian Woodard and Marissa Le Rouge.

The March 8th taping will be aired in the near future.  To catch the show, it is good to note the regular times “Santa Fe County Today” is aired:

Channel 16 Comcast on Sunday 7:30pm; Wednesday 7:30pm and Thursday 6:00pm. It also airs on channel 28 Comcast on Sunday 8:30 am; Monday 11:30am; Tuesday 7:30am; Wednesday 6:00am and Friday 3:18pm.

(To see additional photos of the LCC “posse” on the set of “Santa Fe County Today” please visit the LCC Facebook page and check out our album, “On Television” — Valerie Espinoza, Lawrence Becerra, Pam Franco, Suzanna Becerra, John M. Romero

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Special Education Resource Fair Coming Soon!

Las Campanas Compadres has accepted an invitation to be represented at a table at the “Third Annual Santa Fe Public Schools 2012 Special Education Resource Fair.”

100 vendors who provide services or activities in our community for people with special needs have been invited to attend this year’s resource fair.

This year the Resource Fair will be on March 26, 2012, at Aspen Community Magnet School, 450 La Madera, Santa Fe, NM.  It will be from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. (Aspen Community Magnet School was once Alameda Junior High for the “old-timers” of Santa Fe, who may not recognize the new school name.)

The resource fair is a lively event for community groups and agencies to share information with Parents, Students, Grandparents, Guardians, Teachers, Administrators, and Paraprofessionals  It is an excellent place for people who may be new in town to see what is available in the Santa Fe area to benefit their special needs children and family members. There is no fee for exhibitors to have a table. Exhibitors are asked, however, to provide an item or a gift certificate for a door prize. In addition to door prizes, many tables provide useful “freebies” for the attendees.

Many thanks to Las Campanas Compadres instructors, Georgia Smith and Dave Caldwell, who have manned the LCC table for both years the event has taken place. Usually, a couple of LCC students and a handful of LCC parents mingle with the crowd and tell interested table attendees about LCC’s free riding and swimming programs. It is common for Las Campanas Compadres fun to also be illustrated with a laptop presentation, a photo album, and business cards with the LCC website address. This year LCC will also proudly share the links to this blog and 2011 SFPS Resource Fairthe LCC Facebook page, and let people know about the upcoming September 3rd Mini Triathlon.

(This blog entry photo shows the Las Campanas Compadres table in 2011. Georgia Smith and Caitlin Valdez were captured in this shot.)

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2011 Awards Day Highlights

To come up with a movie under 10 minutes, we have edited footage of the October 10, 2011 Las Campanas Compadres Awards Day .

We are just learning about posting video to this blog and were surprised yesterday’s entry embedded automatically on the blog page. Let’s see what happens today. It may embed automatically or you may have to enter the address in your browser.  As with all new things, sometimes it is a learn-by-doing-experience. Thank you for your indulgence as we pioneer through the technology that enables us to communicate with you wonderful supporters of Las Companas Compadres.

We used a movie-maker program and the LCC Vimeo account to post the highlights of awards day. We included a bit of Rick Ianucci’s (“Horses for Heroes” founder) speech,  the participants’ receiving their plaques, Tim Rolf’s painting presentation, (unfortunately, his wonderful speech on his fabulous “high-tech talking machine” was drowned out by the wind that day and the sounds of the audience) and the gathering of the “posse” that makes it possible for the Horses for Heroes veterans to ride on Mondays.

We thought you’d enjoy, best of all, the images of  the young  and young-adult LCC participants proudly receiving their awards.

At the end of the compiled clips, is the memorable response of the horses when Shiloh’s name was mentioned by Suzanna Becerra as she memorialized our beloved LCC horse.

Thank you, Lawrence and Suzanna, for making this community benefitting organization possible.


You can watch it here:

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Weekend– LCC Volunteer Hall of Fame

Ms. Laila--style and grace

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