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LCC Website Renovation

The Las Campanas Compadres website has had a “makeover”!  Yes, the website is sporting a fresh, new look. Many thanks to Devon Gilchrist for designing the lovely and informative LCC website.

Supporting LCC couldn’t be easier.  The portal to purchase goods from and shop at Albertson’s using a community card to benefit LCC  both remain on the site. The easy-to-use PayPal button for donations is also on the home page.

Newly organized, the LCC website  features pages to acquaint browsers with the wonderful LCC riding and swimming programs the “Compadres” have provided at no charge to participants over the last five years.

There is clear information and excellent photos of  LCC’s  activities.  It is great to see the generous people in the community who volunteer to make the programs work.  The website also has plenty of  images of those who contribute by taking part in LCC’s  fundraising efforts.

It is, perhaps, most gratifying to see the program’s participants having fun and feeling proud of their achievements.

Please note that the new site includes information about the upcoming opportunity (The September 3, 2012 Labor Day Mini Triathlon) for the community to get involved in a bicycling, running and swimming way, to provide support to keep LCC going strong.

Be sure and browse through the “gussied-up”  Las Campanas Compadres website by going to:

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Can You Hear the Trumpet Sound?

Valerie EspinozaIn days of old, the king sent out his royal messengers, called heralds, to the surrounding villages of his kingdom to deliver messages, announce decisions, declare laws, issue orders, and tell of coming events.  The heralds were protected by the king.  It was a crime to interfere with their work or to harm them. To get the attention of the people, the message of the royal herald was often introduced by the sound of a trumpet-like instrument.  Those who did not hear the news directly from the herald,  heard by word of mouth any edict that would impact their lives.

Centuries later, invention and technology brought the world air wave communication. Radio and television were used to inform the masses. In this amazing day and Internet age, we have several more means to capture the attention of people to inform them of opportunity and to enlist their help.

Tomorrow, using television as a well-known ” herald”,  four representatives will speak about Las Campanas Compadres when they  join County Clerk, Valerie Espinoza, at the Santa Fe Community College’s public television station to record “Santa Fe County Today.”   Valerie’s program is designed to introduce the public to people in Santa Fe County and to inform the public about organizations which enrich the lives of its members.

In a half-hour program information will be shared by Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra regarding the mission of the LCC riding and swimming programs and the efforts to help LCC participants gain employment.  LCC’s fundraising efforts through the Albertsons Community Card program, and the 6% of sales Amazon’s share program will be explained to Valerie.  She will be presented her own Albertsons Community card by newest LCC board member, John (Mad Dog) Romero.  The interviewed panel will  provide the newest details for the Labor Day Mini-triathlon. Pam Franco will enlighten the public about her part in hosting the event at Las Campanas, and details on how the community can participate will be shared.

Las Campanas Compadres appreciate Valerie Espinoza’s invitation to again appear on the public channel 16 show, “Santa Fe County Today” to get the word out about its efforts to make our community a better “kingdom”.  Valerie will help LCC  by referring viewers to the the LCC website, the LCC “Facebook,” and this very blog.

Las Campanas Compadres has a friend in Valerie Espinoza, and in her generous  ability to inform the public  and herald the LCC  message far and wide.

(When broadcast times  of this particular “Santa Fe County Today” are known, they will be announced in a later blog.)

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Remember the Alamo!

On this day in 1836,  the siege of the Alamo began in San Antonio, Texas.  It is the site where a small band of Texans held out for thirteen days against Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana and his Centralist army.  The death of the men who defended the Alamo has come to symbolize courage and sacrifice for the sake of liberty.  Davie Crockett, James Bowie, and William B. Travis remain famous names of those who took a strong stand for something they believed in.

It is so heartening to know there are still people who take a stand for what they believe in.  Folks, for example, who battle for people who are physically or mentally challenged.  I speak of the current-day heroes  who saw a need and generously contributed their resources to make sure that something community-oriented was started. Other heroes joined in, made sure the idea was nurtured.  Many worked as a team,  so the idea grew to become a non-profit organization called Las Campanas Compadres.  LCC will continue to flourish if people continue to contribute their resources as volunteers and donors.

The people who benefit from LCC are the folks who often need someone to take a stand for them, and provide them with a place to safely take part in activities that are fun and help them reach their potential.  LCC  participants are empowered by being encouraged to set recreational and personally challenging goals.  When they reach their goals, a  tremendous amount  is done for  raising their self-esteem and for  general life-satisfaction. Having such opportunities  is often not as available  for people who have disabilities.

Not only does LCC offer  horseback riding for therapeutic activity and the means to strengthen participants with water exercises and swimming, but through the efforts of the instructors, the volunteers, and the community who has fostered Las Campanas Compadres, participants do these life-enhancing activities at the  beautiful  Las Campanas facilities.

It is always good to remember heroes of the past, but it is hats off today to the men and women who have created a successful haven for disabled people of all ages in the Santa Fe area to become stronger, thrive, and reach new heights.

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May I Direct You?

Step this way for Riding and Swimming

Now that you have read a bit about Las Campanas Compadres, a registered non-profit 501C3 corporation, on our new blog— (ta-dah! it is the 10th day!)— you may be excited about what we do,  and want to become part of the Las Campanas Compadres family.

In our initial week of blogging, we told you the programs are free of charge thanks to the support of the infrastructure expenses covered by the founders, and the donations of the community through fundraising efforts to cover the costs of instructors, equipment and horse care.

You now know we currently offer horseback riding and swimming lessons at the lovely facilities at Las Campanas.

(Oh, have I told you yet? There are exciting  rumors of a returning LCC  fishing activity which may be on this summer’s agenda!  Volunteers will be needed for this fun activity. ..  More info will be announced when the program plans are firm.)

By now, you know gifted, certified instructors design and lead LCC  program activities, for people of all ages, who have a physical, emotional, or learning disability.  The  LCC instructors are assisted by valuable, giving community volunteers.

And now YOU might ask, “How do I get involved?”

This is what you do:

Go to the Las Campanas Compadres website at:

or call us at (505)820-2707

  • to sign up to volunteer; or participate; or
  •  you could tell someone about LCC, so their disabled family member(s) can benefit from the LCC activities to improve their physical skills, their speech skills,  and/or their social skills in a safe, friendly and attractive environment;
  • to observe a riding lesson or a swimming lesson, to see if this program is for your child or adult loved one;
  • to make a monetary donation through “PAYPAL”
  • to donate pro bono help for legal, accounting, or grant writing services; or
  • to shop and benefit Las Campanas Compadres through an ALBERTSONS COMMUNITY SHOPPING CARD

(To request your ALBERTSONS community shopping card, write to Robert Leher at

  • to log onto Amazon through the LCC website home page;through the AMAZON.COM link/portal
  • to fundraise by participating in our Labor Day Mini Triathlon. Plan on forming a team to swim, bike and run on the morning of September 3, 2012;
  • to share your expertise or your talents for additional fundraising ideas to benefit Las Campanas Compadres and keep the programs running strong.

The website,  has a great photo gallery and

has further information and sign-up forms for participants and volunteers.

To  contact the founders of the program:

Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra: (505) 820-2707, Fax: (505)820-2709; 15 Buckskin Circle, Santa Fe, NM 87506

LCC’s  e-mail address is

Please get the word out about Las Campanas Compadres programs and join us to make a positive difference in the community!

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“An Inky Linky”— An Important Letter (see the latest blog link)

Taken on an Awards Day (2008)

Happy Monday! Today we are excited to add a new link  (see the list on the right side of this blog page under “Links”).

When you click on this link you can read


written by founders, Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra.

Letter Highlights:

  • Since May, 2007 Las Campanas Compadres has underwritten approximately 3,000  tutorial riding and swimming lessons
  • Georgia Smith, Dave Caldwell and Luis Gonzales are most appreciated for their instructional efforts and expertise
  • Teaming up with “Horses for Heroes” LCC helps  provide riding for U.S. Veterans who have been wounded in combat made possible  with the new lift purchased in 2011
  • Acoma Optical program in the Vision for Santa Fe program (Brian and Cindy Boddy) again offers LCC participants free exams, lenses and frames in 2012
  • A look back at a day with Dr. Temple Grandin, hosted by Karen Bershad at Pinon Farms
  • Remembering Awards Day, (framing of awards were donated by John and Rhonda McKinnon of “The Framing Company”), Mark Kiffin of ” The Compound Restaurant” donated gourmet foods; Lucia Valencia brought a pinata for the children. (Also, food from “The Olive Garden” was donated.)
  • The 2011 Ron Walters Award to: Jack and Carol Berger, Cathy Butler, Doug Tewes, and “Shiloh”
  • A review of the Mini Tri, student participants and a sneak-peek at the Mini Tri for 2012
  • Successful first-time fundraising event with thanks to Brian Bargsten, The Club at Las Campanas, and the dressage performance by Suzanna Becerra, Carol Berger, Lynette Mallory, Georgia Smith, Diane Arenberg, and Lynn Clifford
  • 2012 news: Student board member; need for volunteers for grant writing, legal and accounting services; new blog and Facebook page
  • Financial status recap
  • Amazon and Albertsons community programs to benefit LCC (thanks to Bob Lehrer and Georgia Smith)
  • Beautiful painting by Tim Rolfs, entitled “Shiloh”

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