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It is THE Weekend To Be a Compadre!

COMPADRE: a friend, a pal, a buddy… Many thanks to all who have already become the ultimate Compadres to the students of LCC by participating in the 2015 Fundraiser activities.



Are active LCC families/students. (Go to the Pasta Dinner, Raise funds for LCC, Volunteer to help, or Participate in the Triathlon or Attend the Race to cheer on other Compadres!)

Community members who participate in any of the fundraiser events to extend friendship to the riders, swimmers, and volunteers, of LCC.

LCC thanks those of you who have already donated  auction items or generously sponsored LCC with monetary or service contributions.  You are much-appreciated Compadres if you raised funds or gave through the LCC Crowdrise website.  Some 2015 Compadres are already registered and have been training for the  Labor Day Triathlon and Kids’ Race. Some Compadres will enjoy a wonderful evening at the Club at Las Campanas on Sunday, September 6th because they have already made their Pasta Dinner Reservations. There are Compadres who will have volunteered to help keep everyone safe on race day.

If you haven’t already become a “friend, a pal, a buddy” to the LCC programs, please find a way to participate this Labor Day weekend to keep the LCC riding, swimming and scholarship programs running strong.


Here’s how:

  1. Run, Bike, Swim in the 2015 LCC Triathlon and Kids’ Race-
  2. Bid on items at the secure, world-class 2015 LCC online auction:
  3. Make reservations for the September 6th Pasta Dinner- call 505 995 3500 for the night-before-the-race, Sunday, Sept. 6th,  6 p.m., dinner on the Torreon Portal at the Club at Las Campanas; Special Guest speaker, Tove Shere.
  4. Send in a donation to financially support the LCC Programs-  or through the LCC Website:
  5. Volunteer  to help for Triathlon and Kids’ Race Day, call Mike Simpson at 505 995 3600



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Only One Month Before the Big 2014 Fundraiser!

Today marks the one-month countdown to the Las Campanas Compadres sixth annual Triathlon Super-Sprint!

There are several ways you can benefit LCC:

Pasta Dinner Speaker, Leroy Petry

Pasta Dinner Speaker, Leroy Petry


To participate in the triathlon swimming, biking, running event, which takes place at 8 a.m. on Monday, September 1, 2014, register at:


To be a Volunteer for the Triathlon, go to the LCC website and complete a volunteer application.


Another excellent way to help LCC raise funds for their life-fulfilling programs for the disabled, is to bid on some fabulous prizes. To participate, go to the

Live LCC 2014 Online Auction at:


The night before the triathlon is the Annual Las Campanas Compadres Mini-Tri Pasta Dinner – 2014

Featured Guest Speaker: Leroy Petry

Sunday, August 31 ~ 6:00 p.m.

$35++/PP, $17.50++/Child

This year’s pasta dinner will feature motivational speaker Leroy Petry. Leroy is a U.S. soldier and recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for actions in 2008 during Operation Enduring Freedom. Petry, who now wears a prosthesis after being disabled in combat, became the second recent living recipient of the medal for the war in Afghanistan when he received the award from U.S. President Barack Obama in 2011. Opting to reenlist in spite of his wounds, Petry remains on active duty in the U.S. Army where he assists wounded soldiers and their families. Join us on the Torreon for a great evening of delicious pastas and fun even if you aren’t participating in the Labor Day event. Call Member Services at the Club at Las Campanas for reservations to attend this very special event, 505.995.3500.

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To Benefit LCC: Put Your Heartfelt Thoughts on Cyber-paper

Now you can be involved in one of LCC’s 2014 Outreach Projects:

If Las Campanas Compadres has made a positive difference for you or your family, then you can tell the world!

“GreatNonprofits”—a review site for non-profit organizations, honors highly reviewed nonprofit organizations with their Annual Top‐Rated Awards.

On the “GreatNonprofits” site, they have an area to post a review of the LCC programs.  This provides an opportunity for volunteers, participants and their families, to help Las Campanas Compadres make even more of a difference in our community.

Please write a review.

Please write a review.

Won’t you help us raise visibility for Las Campanas Compadres  by posting a positive review of your experience with LCC? All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers. It’s easy and only takes a couple of minutes!

To write your review, go to:   


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Susan Sumner and Las Campanas Compadres

By Lawrence Becerra, Chairman, Las Campanas Compadres

Las Companas CompadresLas Campanas Compadres offers therapeutic riding and swimming lessons to people with special needs at the world class facilities of The Club at Las Campanas. Lessons are free and 100 percent supported by private donations.

The program is made possible through the generous support of volunteers who work with our accredited instructors: Karen Evans, our riding instructor and Dave Caldwell, our swimming instructor. Each lesson is a 1/2 hour private tutorial lesson. Volunteers can be asked to be a side walker, lead walk a horse, help students get prepared for their riding and swimming lesson, and just be helpful in general. No experience is necessary – just a big heart.

The positive therapeutic effects of hippo therapy for people with special needs are substantial.  LCC’s transferring/lifting equipment makes the riding experience safer. While LCC’s volunteer side-walkers help the rider with positioning and balance throughout the lesson, the riding program’s special adaptive saddle is supportive enough to allow riders to sit on the horse without a back rider. The LCC swim program offers students a creative way to simultaneously strengthen and relax their bodies.

Susan Sumner has been a volunteer since the inception of the program in 2007.  She also serves as an LCC board member. Susan’s disposition is engaging and allows her to connect with the students and parents to make the most of their experience.

“I originally volunteered as I grew up riding horses and believed this would get me back to the barn.  It couldn’t have been further from the truth…although I certainly got back to the barn and to the pool, my experiences with the students and their families was truly life altering.  I began the first lesson feeling as if I was giving back, but what I received from the joy we share with the students when they connect to the horses gave me so much more.   My entire perspective changed.  I realized that these special needs students certainly have challenges in their day to day lives, but their abilities, determination and perspective provide lessons for all of us as we approach our own challenges.  John Romero and his parents, without question, are my heroes.  Not a week goes by that I am not thankful for all they and this program have given me.

The great part of this program is that the commitment on the part of the volunteers is really flexible.  You can commit 30 minutes once a month, or one hour each week…it is really based on your availability.  Whether we are part of riding or swimming lessons, we can take a few minutes each week to interact with these students.  It is not only rewarding…it is fun.”

For the past five years Las Campanas Compadres has held a triathlon fund raising event on the grounds of The Club at Las Campanas. This year’s event will feature a sprint tri for adults and a mini tri for juniors. This is the charity’s only fund raising event and its success ensures the continuation of this worthwhile program. This year’s event will be held on Labor Day, September 1. Expectations are for 200 participants.

To learn more about the event, or the program and how you can help, please visit, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing therapeutic riding and swimming instruction to people with special needs.  Las Campanas Compadres is being profiled as part of the All Things Real Estate “Unique Destinations” series.

This article is one of many interesting articles from the All Things Real Estate Newsletter/Blog at:

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A Seasonal and Tasty Way for You to Benefit LCC

TurkeyLas Campanas Compadres Receives a Percentage of What you Spend at Albertsons.

Simply go to, print out a temporary LCC Community Card and have it scanned at check out.


Ask for a permanent LCC Albertson’s Community Card, simply by e-mailing your mailing address to us at

Here’s a Way you Can Benefit LCC and Your Own Family this Holiday Season:

Use your LCC Community Card when you  participate in Albertson’s seasonal promotion:

When you shop at Albertson’s and spend $100, you can get a free 15 lb. turkey.

When you spend $150, you can get a 25 lb. turkey.


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Labor Day LCC Mini-Tri Re-cap

The day dawned ethereal; a perfect, genteel lady.  She wore a lace-cloud mantilla. With her delicate fan she wafted a cool, high desert perfume over the Mini-triathlon swimmers, bicyclists and runners.

At The Club at Las Campanas Fitness, Tennis and Spa, the excitement of the morning electrically threaded its way throughout those thoroughly focused and intent on organizing, racing, or cheering.

Marathoners were registered, numbered and marked by 7:45 a.m.  Swimmers formed a queue to begin the three-event Mini-triathlon. Bicycling team mates were tagged by swimmers and left from the fenced bicycle “cage” for that portion of the marathon.  As bicyclists returned, runners sprinted off for the final 3.03-mile event of the marathon.

Once the final marathon runner returned, as if on cue, the morning’s genteel lady departed and her boisterous, bright sister graced the crowd with hearty joy and sunshine for the awards ceremony. Images were captured of the smiling faces of yellow-clad volunteers, victorious marathon participants, and the LCC families they Club Frontall were supporting.

Photographs of the Las Campanas Compadres 5th annual 2013 Mini-Triathlon are shared on the LCC website (  Click the tab “Events and Photos” to see the Mini-Tri’s images stored on “Shutterfly”.

The Las Campanas Compadres Facebook page has additional images of the Labor Day annual fundraising events, including the Pasta Dinner. You can see those at  in the “photos” section.

Culminating on Mini-Tri Day is the spirit of caring for and giving to others, which propels the intense and detailed machinations of well-organized teamwork.

Perhaps the profound thanks (which truly is beyond words) to the many people who make the annual fundraiser become a successful reality, (The Club at Las Campanas staff, financial sponsors, auction donors, organizers, volunteers, and the race participants) is best expressed in the happy, proud, and carefree faces of the riders and swimmers who take part in the Las Campanas Compadres programs all year round.  When you give of yourself, these special people are able to achieve goals that make their lives richer, fuller and more meaningful.

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Take a Role in This Year’s LCC Fundraiser

There are at least SIX ways you can play a role to make our Fifth annual fundraiser a success in an effort to keep the swimming and riding programs available and free of charge for the disabled people we serve in our community:

1.  Attend the Pasta Dinner – Sept. 1 (6:00 p.m.) Reservations:  Club Concierge 995-3500 (Adults $35.00, plus tax, plus drinks Children $17.50)  LCC Students are Free.

2. Attend the Mini-Triathlon -Sept. 2  (8:00 to noon) Las Campanas Spa/Pool/Tennis Club. Cheer on swimmers, bicyclists, runners!

3. Ask friends and family to bid on Auction items listed on the LCC website:

4. Volunteer to help at the Mini Triathlon- contact Andie Talmadge: andietalmadge@gmail.com100_2959

5. Register to be in the Mini-Triathlon: (Registration deadline: August 30)

6. Go to the LCC online fundraiser site  at CrowdRise and donate:


Your support is needed and much appreciated!

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Please Save the Date: September 2nd— 2013 LCC Mini-Triathlon!



 September 2nd (Labor Day) is the Las Campanas Compadres annual Mini-Triathlon fund raising event.


to make this a fun day for all participants.

Please contact  SUZANNA BECERRA for further information and to volunteer.


PHONE 505-820-2707,


To sign up to participate in the  LCC Mini-Triathlon, go to the home page of the Las Campanas Compadres  Website:

Morning of the 2012 Mini-triathlonand click on the green SIGN UP button

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A Backward Glimpse at Benevolence

Throughout the year, in preparation for its one end-of-summer  fundraising event, LCC  makes  a heartfelt request to the community and beyond, for people to combine their resources and abilities to assist Las Campanas Compadres—a charity whose focus is to provide year-round therapeutic activities for people of all ages who have disabilities.

LCC’s annual Labor Day fundraising weekend is a prime example of the culmination of countless hours invested by many generous people working together and united by a loving and benevolent spirit.

The first weekend of September, 2012, Las Campanas Compadres’ year-long and multi-faceted plan unfurled. It’s focus was to coordinate one of the most successful annual fundraising events in its five-year history.

That special weekend arrived with radio interviews already broadcast, mini-tri volunteers rounded up, and Andie Talmadge and her team of “FIT FUNdamentals” organizers putting together the final details as operations control of the  Fourth Annual LCC Mini-triathlon. Anticipation was growing as the 130 online registrants for the mini-tri events were organized into team or individual participant status. The physical gates and road signs were trucked to the main site of the LCC 2012 Mini-triathlon.  Participant packets were prepared and snacks were purchased for race day. The Las Campanas Compadres concierge was busy confirming all reservations to seat LCC supporters at  red-checked covered tables for the Sunday evening pre-race pasta dinner.

On the evening of Sunday, September 2, the Torreon’s lovely mingling/dining space opened to an eye-pleasing view of the mountains and the Las Campanas golf course green.  The Pasta Party guests enjoyed one another’s company, the decor of the setting, and the perfect balminess of the evening.  Chef Andrew outdid himself with a scrumptious buffet offering a dual choice of pasta dishes, a snappy and flavorful broccoli, a mountainous fresh caesar salad; and not one, but two, delicious dessert finales: Mexican brownies and strawberries with zabaglione cream. After dinner, Lawrence Becerra  appropriately thanked sponsors and faithful supporters of LCC who have stood with the Becerras to keep the programs equipped, manned, and fully functional. LCC board member, George Collins’ outstanding image/music slide show played throughout the evening featuring LCC participants and volunteers. It tugged at hearts and aptly illustrated the positive impact of LCC’s efforts. Inspiring speeches by LCC participants, John (Mad Dog) Romero and Christian Woodard  expressed what the LCC programs mean to them,  and prompted tears and standing ovations to round out the celebratory evening.

As early as sunrise on Monday, September 3, organizers, volunteers, athletes, and friend-and-family cheerleaders gathered at the Las Campanas Pool and Tennis Club.  Swimmers, bicyclists, and runners lined up at volunteer-manned tables for check-in to receive their numbers, time-keeping ankle chips, and readied participant satchels which held sponsor-donated LCC-logoed caps, t-shirts, and water bottles.

Yellow-shirted volunteers were placed at their many posts throughout the Las Campanas property, along biking and running routes to maintain safety at the event.  The mini-tri athletes found their starting places as the 8 a.m. swim event began the Labor Day morning of competition and fun.

The enthusiasm of all those there to race for the LCC cause, or to cheer on the athletes, was heightened by Chad, the event’s professional announcer. High-energy background music added to the exhilarating atmosphere.  Smiles abounded and the excitement was palpable throughout the events as people took part or witnessed LCC’s Fourth Annual Mini-triathlon.

When the last runners crossed the finish line, LCC students were given medals for taking part in the swimming, biking or running events. Beautifully crafted awards were given to top-scoring mini-tri teams and best-time individuals. Several gathered to eat together at the end-of-event picnic lunch.  Picnickers enjoyed grilled  hot dogs and hamburgers discussing the morning events and the bright future of LCC programs, while listening to background Flamenco music on the grassy area beyond the outdoor pool.

Many thanks go out to all of you who gave of yourselves and contributed in any one of several ways to make the Labor Day Mini-Tri weekend such a success.  It is your contributions of energy, talents, time, and financial support throughout the year which keep the no-fee Las Campanas Compadres riding and swimming programs available to people with special needs in the Santa Fe community.

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Mini-Tri 2012—Thanks from Lawrence and Suzanna

Dear Athletes and Volunteers,

Our 4th Annual Mini Tri was a great success this year thanks to the hard work and dedication of our board, volunteers, The Club at Las Campanas staff, corporate sponsors, and individual donors. We trust you had a great time and that you will sign up again for next year’s event.

Our event raises money for our charity, Las Campanas Compadres, Inc. LCC offers free riding and swimming lessons for people with special needs. Since inception we have underwritten over 3,500 lessons and are on track to underwrite approximately 1,200 per year. Please go to our website learn more about us and how you can help.

This year we had 130 mini tri participants, up from 120 last year. We used a professional organizer, FIT FUNdamentals, to organize the event and they did a great job. We also had an announcer, Chad, who kept the energy level high all morning by conducting interviews with participants and volunteers alike. The atmosphere can only be described as high energy, and we think a good time was had by all.

There were 11 special needs teams this year, up from three last year. Suzanna and I want to especially thank David Loan, General Manager; Andrew Nichols, Executive Chef; Tony Blankenship, Sous Chef; Jason Epstein, Director of Golf Operations; Tom Egelhoff, Director of Agronomy; and Todd Shaw, Fitness and Tennis Director, for pairing up with one of our students and giving them the chance to participate in the race. This is a big deal for them and can only be accomplished if you have people less concerned about winning and more concerned about giving. That being said, congratulations to Jason and his team “The Goof Balls” for coming in second place in the special needs team category with a time of 1:09:14.

Suzanna and I also want to especially thank all of this year’s volunteers. An event of this size is not possible unless a lot of people work together with a singular purpose in mind. They did a tremendous job and were the reason the event went off without a hitch. Many of them stated the day at 5:30 AM and their energy and enthusiasm never flagged. We can only hope that you all step up to the plate again next year.

Congratulation to this year’s overall winners in the following categories. Their names will be inscribed on this year’s trophy that was generously crafted and donated by our very own Rosa Silbert. Look for it at the Hacienda. Individual and team times can be found by going to

Category                                               Name                                   Time


Overall Male                                         Scott Valdez                          56:02

Overall Female                                     Laura Sullivan                      1:10:52

Overall Veteran                                    Matthew Hall                          59:46

Overall Junior                                       Ethan Melvin                          59:31

Overall Team                                        Merrill Lynch                         52.52

Overall COED Team                            Team D’Alfonso                  1:01:01

Overall Special Needs Team                 Team Santi                          1:05:40

Once again, thank you to all of our participants and we hope to see you again next year.

Kind Regards,

Lawrence & Suzanna Becerra

Founders, Las Campanas Compadres, Inc.

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