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LCC is on Twitter!

December 16, 2013 at 4:49 PM

Follow LCC on Twitter!

Doorway to Info Starting today, “Las Campanas Compadres” is on Twitter!

To follow us, go to:

You can find LCC listed  on Twitter as  LasCampanasCompadres or L_C_Compadres

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Remember, there is more information about Las Campanas Compadres on the Web:

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“Muchas Gracias Award” Bestowed

Santa Fe City Hall was buzzing with a full house of City Council attendees on the evening of December 11, 2013.

After preliminary city council roll call, the pledges to the national and state flags, and before the expected lengthy two-session meeting, presentations were made by Mayor David Coss to honor Santa Fe citizens for their outstanding contributions to the  Santa Fe community.

Among those listed on the agenda as “Muchas Gracias Award” recipients were the founders of Las Campanas Compadres, Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra.  Jack and Carole Berger were in supportive attendance representing the volunteers of LCC and the generous Las Campanas community participants who keep the  program’s therapeutic riding and swimming programs going strong.

Before the Mayor read the words on the parchment certificates, Darlene Romero gave a short summary of the mission of Las Campanas Compadres for the benefit of the audience, and also related how Lawrence and Suzanna epitomize the meaning of  “Compadres” as they lead their organization as “protectors, benefactors and friends”.

With heartfelt appreciation for Lawrence and Suzanna, John M. Romero, one of  LCC’s sixty  students, thanked them for enriching his life and giving him their friendship.

The “Muchas Gracias Award” is a singular symbol of  immense appreciation  for the Becerras’ generosity and hard work to start and maintain an organization that benefits disabled students and their families in meaningful and multifaceted ways.

December 11 Muchas Gracias Awards Recipients

December 11 Muchas Gracias Awards Recipients

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Cyber Monday–and Beyond!

Holiday Shoppers:

Please benefit LCC by using the Amazon portal on the Las Campanas Compadres website home page.


1. Go to:

2. Find the portal in the lower right corner of the page. Enter a keyword like “gifts” or “books” or “electronics” (a word that describes whatever category you are shopping for).

3. Click on the “Go” button and  you will have enteredWinter Scene to place your order.

It remains your order, but LCC will receive a percentage of the sale!!!




Happy shopping! Thank you for benefiting Las Campanas Compadres to keep the year-round programs free of charge for LCC students and their families.

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