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LCC— Teamwork Personified

You spend most of your waking hours in a wheelchair.  You love life, action and adventure.

You’re in a mini-triathlon race. Your buddies are pushing you to the finish line…Wheeling

Click on the link to see an interesting perspective.

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Pictures worth all these words…

2013 LCC Awards2013 LCC Awards Day:

Preparation, arrangements, planning, people, place, refreshments, e-mail, invitations, communication, phone calls, riding, swimming; founders, board members, instructors, volunteers, parents, siblings, friends, family, Luis; Students: David, Augie Ben, Angelina, Trevor, Sonny, Nicholas, Axl, Zoe, Matthew, Aaron, Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Elias, Jennifer, Alfredo, Carlos, Analia, Jamie, Jennifer, Abdel, Medhat, Mel, Kelsey, Olivia, K.J, Jeffrey, Caitlin, Alyssa, Darius, Enrique, Shaurya, Marissa, Devin, Zayd, Reyan, Santiago, Lena, Arealyn, James, Eleri-Clare, Liam, Kwanieva, Poe, Angel, Joelle, Jessica, Quique, Aanitya, Francheska, Jameson, Tim, John, Rico, Andrew, Miguel, Erik, Shelly, Sheridan, Rajesh, Christopher, Oscar, Manuel, Gregory, Christian, Meredith, Axel; Ron Walters awards: Mimi, Doug, Linda; afternoon, crowd, friends, family, babies,  toddlers, children, young adults; leaders; milling, smiling, conversation, sharing, caring, hugs, kisses, handshakes, stories; sunshine, warmth, horse, grass, saddles, stables, tables, decorations, posters, shiny stars, colors, jackets, sunglasses, hats;  happy, celebration, recognition, announcements, names, applause, cheers, laughter, whistles, smiles, honor, pride, photos, special, speeches, tears,  hugs, trophies, plaques, piñata, food; visionaries, generous, unique, leadership, united, community, teamwork, funding, sponsors, growth,  effort, encouragement, accomplishment, purpose, goals, achievements, thanks —abilities vs. disabilities,—-reaching new heights.

Congratulations all!

To see  the splendid photos of the 2013 Las Campanas Compadres Awards Day, go to the “Shutterfly” link:

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Monday, October 14th, 2 p.m.—LCC Awards Day!

2013 LCC Awards Day


Las Campanas Compadres




“People Helping People Reach New Heights”

Monday, October 14, 2013

Las Campanas Equestrian Center

2 p.m. sharp


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