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Isn’t Technology Grand?

Getting the word out that there is a non-profit, Santa Fe area organization which provides therapeutic horseback riding and swimming lessons at no charge for people with disabilities is one of the missions of this blog.

We did a little work this week to find yet another way so more people can learn about Las Campanas Compadres and benefit from the programs.

We experimented with a few computer programs and decided to explore  uploading  files to You Tube again!

LCC has its own You Tube “channel” now!

You can see the (three 10-minute  parts) March, 2012 interview of Las Campanas Compadres representatives on “Santa Fe County Today”  which is the public television program hosted by Valerie Espinoza.  We also posted a short one-minute file that demonstrates the special saddle LCC uses for riders that have balance deficits. We also included links to the initial ” jmmd6″ files first done in the early years of Las Campanas Compadres.

How to enjoy the  “Santa Fe County Today” program:

On the Internet, go to:

EnterLCCallthetime (the first three letters capitalized and the remaining letters all run together like that) in the search box.

Enjoy the newest Las Campanas Compadres files online!

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