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LCC Addresses “The Next Level” for Its Young Adult Students

Beyond providing hippo therapy and therapeutic swimming lessons for people with disabilities, the founders of Las Campanas Compadres, Suzanna and Lawrence Becerra, have expanded their benevolent thinking and intentional actions to find spots on the workforce for LCC’s young adult participants.  In an additional effort to provide successful experiences that build self-esteem, the Becerras have creatively applied their networking abilities to mutually benefit program participants and those that hire them. By discovering positions available in their Las Campanas community and matching young adult LCC students seeking employment, they wish to provide opportunities to foster responsibility and promote productivity in LCC’s young adults.


Christian Woodard— a Successful Employee

Christian Woodard, age 24, is a regular rider and swimmer with the Las Campanas Compadres  programs.  Christian is no stranger to the local workforce.  In a recent interview, Christian said,

“One summer I worked at Bosque Greenhouse, two mornings a week. I still work at La Choza restaurant, three lunches a week.  I work with my dad at “Santa Fe Properties” when he does open houses.  I help my cousin coach soccer for the little kids on Saturdays.  I do rock work with my cousin, Andrew, and I water my auntie’s plants when she is out of town. I am going to be an uncle in December, so I will (also) be busy helping Megan and Patrick.”

Lawrence and Suzanna spoke with Jason Epstein at the “The Club at Las Campanas” golf course about the possibility of Christian working there this summer. Jason was very open to the idea of having Christian work there. Mr. Epstein contacted Christian, set up an interview, and hired Christian for the position.

Christian has proven that he is willing to work hard.  He is able to learn new skills and apply them.  He has confidence and good people skills.  Christian is animated when he explains how things are going at his new golf course job,

“At the Las Campanas golf course Jason Epstein is my main boss I work with two Brians, Bradon and Kyle. We are a team…we all work together. The guys are training me. We wash carts, pick up and clean the golf balls, fold towels, fill ice containers, fill water bottles, and say hi to golfers. The work is fun. I can be outside; and I like the guys I work with and the golfers. The work is challenging and I have to focus and work hard.”

Christian’s words illustrate his valuable work ethic and how personable he is.  His words validate why Christian is such a good choice as an employee anywhere he gains employment, “I just like to work.  I get to meet people.”

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Las Campanas Compadres Riding Program: Enter Karen Evans

The Directors of Las Campanas Compadres searched for a riding instructor and have announced wonderful news!!!

Karen Evans brings to the LCC riding program a tremendous amount of  education in the field of horsemanship, dressage, and equine-assisted therapies.  Karen earned an advanced level of certification by NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped Association) for working with people with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Most recently, Karen has shared her expertise with HorsePlay New Mexico  in Corrales, Santa Fe Equestars, and Spirit Horse Therapeutic Riding Program in Shiprock, New Mexico. During the seven years of directorship of Cadence Therapeutic Riding in Durango, Colorado, Karen maintained the highest rating (“Premier Operating Center”) awarded by NARHA.

Karen’s years of experience designing and implementing programs and then directing  New Mexico and Colorado therapeutic riding programs will most certainly make her an outstanding LCC riding  instructor. She is familiar and skillful with the nuances and many facets of running a successful program that provides therapeutic riding for people with disabilities of all ages.

LCC’s riding program resumes with renewed vigor and much anticipation on Monday, June 18th.

Your newest “Compadres” and their families heartily welcome you, Karen!

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Las Campanas Compadres Welcomes Karen Evans, Riding Instructor!

The LCC Riding Program Resumes on June 18th!

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