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Celebrating Georgia Smith– Riding Instructor Extraordinaire

Today we celebrate the many talents Georgia Smith has shared with Las Campanas Compadres.

Georgia has been the NAHRA-rated riding instructor during the five years since LCC’s inception. She  has also contributed her time, organizational skills, and fundraising talents by serving on the LCC board and as Company secretary.

On riding Mondays, Georgia demonstrates her ability to make a positive connection simultaneously with the program horses, the LCC volunteers, the riding students and their families. Georgia orchestrates a day of lessons form-fitted for each individual rider. She has the gift of evaluating  and focusing on each  rider’s strengths in order to plan  individual lessons and set long-term goals so each student makes gratifying progress and enjoys every half-hour equestrian experience.

In deep appreciation, we wish Georgia the very best as she moves on to other opportunities.

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A whirlwind of life events often leaves important emotional debris drifting, floating— to be carefully sifted through to find something of value.

Solid thoughts of time spent, (or misspent) often follow final, very poignant goodbyes to loved ones.  Bittersweet reflections sometimes make certain things perfectly clear.  Perhaps deep sadness and sudden clarity serve to brighten and shine efforts to put energy into things that mean something worthwhile in this life.

There is healing goodness and wholeness in the essence of community.  Las Campanas Compadres is about taking care of one another, and sharing  resources.   LCC is an ongoing hope for making the lives of  people with disabilities fuller and blessed by the tender touch of those who care.

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Las Campanas Volunteer Hall of Fame- Bob Lehrer

Robert (Bob) Lehrer is one of the worthy recipients of the Las Campanas Compadres Ron Walters Volunteer Awards. Bob is inventive, detail-oriented, and has great insight on keeping projects focused on LCC’s  central goals and objectives.

Thank you for all the creative and time-consuming behind-the-scenes work you continue to do to benefit Las Campanas Compadres, Bob!

(Pssst, a little bird tells us it is your birthday todayBob Lehrer, LCC Volunteer Extraordinaire… A very Happy Birthday to You, Bob!)

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Never Post a Bog Entry after Midnight!

Acoma Optical ‘s “Vision for Santa Fe Program” for Las Campanas Compadres students and their immediate families will be on the morning of May 10, 2012.

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In his last month’s March 1st Harvard Business Review blog entry titled, “Having Ideas Versus Having a Vision”, Roberto Verganti, a professor of management of innovation at Politecnico di Milano writes:  “Could the next decade be the decade of vision building?  If so, we will witness a significant shift in the way we think about innovation, creativity, and leadership. Popular studies of creativity have equated it with the fast generation of numerous ideas (the more, the better); in contrast, visionary leadership requires a relentless exploration of one direction (the deeper and more robust, the better). Idea generation values a neophyte perspective; vision building is based on research and deep understanding.”Free Vision screening and glasses

Undoubtedly, in our own community of Santa Fe, the generous business owners of Acoma Optical have creatively taken an innovative  leadership position to address an important and distinct need by literally enhancing  the physical vision of those who wish to participate in their program.

Acoma Optical’s “Vision for Santa Fe Program” has once again invited Las Campanas Compadres to participate in their generous offering. Their program proposes, free of charge,  an optical exam and glasses to LCC  students and their immediate families on the morning of May 10, 2012.

Those  qualifying LCC families who indicate their willingness to participate by e-mailing “lascamp@msn” their names and physical mailing addresses, will  receive forms and an  appointment time to take part in this incredible opportunity.

Thank you, Acoma Optical.

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