Can You Hear the Trumpet Sound?

March 7, 2012 at 6:52 PM 3 comments

Valerie EspinozaIn days of old, the king sent out his royal messengers, called heralds, to the surrounding villages of his kingdom to deliver messages, announce decisions, declare laws, issue orders, and tell of coming events.  The heralds were protected by the king.  It was a crime to interfere with their work or to harm them. To get the attention of the people, the message of the royal herald was often introduced by the sound of a trumpet-like instrument.  Those who did not hear the news directly from the herald,  heard by word of mouth any edict that would impact their lives.

Centuries later, invention and technology brought the world air wave communication. Radio and television were used to inform the masses. In this amazing day and Internet age, we have several more means to capture the attention of people to inform them of opportunity and to enlist their help.

Tomorrow, using television as a well-known ” herald”,  four representatives will speak about Las Campanas Compadres when they  join County Clerk, Valerie Espinoza, at the Santa Fe Community College’s public television station to record “Santa Fe County Today.”   Valerie’s program is designed to introduce the public to people in Santa Fe County and to inform the public about organizations which enrich the lives of its members.

In a half-hour program information will be shared by Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra regarding the mission of the LCC riding and swimming programs and the efforts to help LCC participants gain employment.  LCC’s fundraising efforts through the Albertsons Community Card program, and the 6% of sales Amazon’s share program will be explained to Valerie.  She will be presented her own Albertsons Community card by newest LCC board member, John (Mad Dog) Romero.  The interviewed panel will  provide the newest details for the Labor Day Mini-triathlon. Pam Franco will enlighten the public about her part in hosting the event at Las Campanas, and details on how the community can participate will be shared.

Las Campanas Compadres appreciate Valerie Espinoza’s invitation to again appear on the public channel 16 show, “Santa Fe County Today” to get the word out about its efforts to make our community a better “kingdom”.  Valerie will help LCC  by referring viewers to the the LCC website, the LCC “Facebook,” and this very blog.

Las Campanas Compadres has a friend in Valerie Espinoza, and in her generous  ability to inform the public  and herald the LCC  message far and wide.

(When broadcast times  of this particular “Santa Fe County Today” are known, they will be announced in a later blog.)

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  • 1. Johnny  |  March 8, 2012 at 2:22 AM

    Suzanna & LB can you Tivo this so I can see it when I come down?



  • 2. lawrence becerra  |  March 8, 2012 at 7:04 AM

    great post. here the the air times for the show:

    Channel 16 Comcast on Sunday 7:30pm;Wednesday 7:30pm and Thursday 6:00pm. It also airs on channel 28 Comcast Sunday 8:30 am; Monday 11:30am; Tuesday 7:30am; Wednesday 6:00am and Friday 3:18pm.

    we will deffinitely tivo this!


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