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Weekend– LCC Volunteer Hall of Fame 2-18-12

Susan Sumner

Las Campanas Compadres Volunteers always have the biggest hearts!

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Friday’s Walk Down Memory Lane– Natalie Guillen’s LCC Photo Journal

You are in for a treat if you would like to see something that was made when Las Compadres Compadres was in its “toddler” stage.  The program has always been for people of all ages, who have an array of disabilities.

Copy the above address onto your browser’s search window to find the amazing photo journal Natalie Guillen created about Las Campanas Compadres for a Santa Fe New article.  She held interviews, took video, and combined still shots to assemble this piece called, “Compadres“, the summer of 2009.

(It may take a couple of minutes to upload; so be patient—- it is well worth the short wait.)

2009 was the busy year Las Campanas Compadres had volunteers to offer their talents and supervision to run an art program.  It was also the summer LCC began a fly fishing program partnering with Pam Scotty and Ken Dettelbach of the “Los Pescadores Fly Fishing Club”  (

Today we are planning to upload more photos of past LCC “adventures”, as mentioned above, onto the Las Campanas Compadres Facebook photo pages: (

To see more of Natalie Guillen’s exquisite work, go to her website:

Natalie Guillen visits LCC

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“Read Blog and Support Often”

I come from a generation when reading cereal boxes was a simple form of morning entertainment.  One could send away for something special, find a prize inside, or solve a puzzle printed on the box that contained a portion of breakfast.  Of course, it was also a first glimpse into the effectiveness of advertising,  and how just the right  slogan could make you believe you were eating the “Breakfast of Champions”  or made you feel proud that your cereal was “Kid Tested. Mother Approved.”

Growing up, I became fascinated by the concept that there is someone, somewhere, maybe  in a  high-rise corporate office,  whose  ingenious ideas become a jingle, a slogan, or an entire ad blitz to sell products. Do you remember “Darren Stevens” in the T.V. series, “Bewitched”? Do you recall the ad campaigns that rarely needed the magic imparted by his good witch wife, Samantha?  There was an implied  intrinsic “magic” that came from creativity, the sharing of ideas, and people catching on to a good thing.

I was fortunate enough to be on the  support staff for the  head marketing  person of a bird-feeder company. I witnessed firsthand how sound ideas developed into  full-blown merchandise production, sales distributorships, and placement of product into high-end catalogs, and onto the shelves across the country of such places as Walmart.

I still read  food packages.  I recently came across a clever phrase on a soy milk container that said, ” Shake Well and Buy Often”.  I thought I would paraphrase the slogan a bit in today’s blog  title.

It does not take a marketing analysis or a deep understanding of  our economic system to know that Las Campanas Compadres is born of creativity, encourages the sharing of ideas, and it  is definitely a group where people are catching on to a good thing.

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Lifted Up

Your efforts to support Las Campanas Compadres through our Albertsons Community Card project or by ordering items through our website’s home page links, (please see: is certainly appreciated. We want to encourage you to plan on taking part in the Labor Day Mini-Triathlon this year on September 3, as well.

Fund raising and donation dollars are definitely used in meaningful ways at Las Campanas Compadres.  Equipment for people with disabilities usually comes with a hefty price tag.

In the blog last week, we  mentioned the approximately $7,000 assistive technology device Las Campanas Compadres purchased and installed in 2011 for the riding program with raised funds and community contributions.  The SureHands Lift and Care System also enabled LCC  to invite the “Horses for Heroes NM ” returning  U.S. veterans-now-cowboys, to join LCC riders to enjoy the facilities at the Las Campanas Equestrian Center on Mondays.

Your contributions and  participation in LCC  fundraising projects continue to provide safe and innovative technology for the physically-challenged men, women and children who enjoy the Las Campanas Compadres programs.  We thank you!

LCC Riding Program's Sure Hands Lift

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LCC was Tim-inspired…

Tim Rolfs

 (From a 2011 interview with Ildy Rolfs, Tim’s Mother:)

When did Tim start with Las Campanas Compadres?

With the inception of the LCC program.  He met Lawrence Becerra thru the Adaptive Ski Program; Lawrence was his instructor. Their ‘chance’ meeting led to the ultimate founding of LCC, as Lawrence has stated many times. Tim started horseback riding at the age of four, then took a seven year sabbatical following his back surgery.  The timing of meeting the Becerras couldn’t have been more perfect, as he was eager to start riding again.

How does Tim spend a typical day when not riding or swimming?

Monday through Friday Tim is an Apprentice Artist at Very Special Arts in Albuquerque.  He is a participant in the Exploratory Arts Program, enjoying music, dance, singing, and of course, painting.  He is a mixed media artist, and while his art tends to be abstract, he is learning to create a ‘feeling’ or ‘vision’ in his paintings.  His art allows the viewer to interpret many different aspects in the paintings.

On weekends he loves to watch sports, primarily football (go Packers, go Irish).  He also loves movies, country music, light jazz, musicals, and some classical.  He draws the line at opera, however. 

What food does he like to eat?

Tim is definitely a gourmand!  He has a great appetite and enjoys trying new foods.  Among his favorites are prime rib, crab legs, chicken, burgers, pizza and just about anything he sees on The Food Network, especially if it contains garlic!

Tell us about Tim’s abilities.

Tim is wheelchair dependent, with limited use of his arms, and is a total care individual.  Although he is non-verbal his communications skills are excellent, using his eyes and his smile.  He is very engaging and draws people to himself, eliciting conversations and laughter.  He has a great sense of humor, and sometimes can also show ‘attitude.’

His musical memory is outstanding.  He learns songs quickly, and recognizes them easily hearing just a few notes. He loves to sing, and to dance.  He cuts a mean rug, wearing out his dance partners.

How have activities through LCC made a positive difference in your family’s lives?

Although Tim lives in Albuquerque, participation in all the LCC programs is a definite plus.  Riding Shiloh, swimming with Dave, fishing…these activities expand his life, and give him unique opportunities to enjoy life.  Tim is quite the sportsman, and enjoys the participation not only in the sport, but also with the incredible people he has met through LCC.  They are all such a positive influence, and create a loving and warm environment for him.  Tim and his parents (Ildy and Ells) are very pleased to be a part of Las Campanas Compadres.

Tim Rolfs, now age 29,  is the handsome  face of  inspiration for the Las Campanas Compadres program.

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It’s Who You Know… to Get the Word Out (Linda Borrego)

Linda Borrego, KSWV Host, "Issues and Answers"

Part of public relations for Las Campanas Compadres is to find ways to say: “WE ARE HERE!”

There have been two gracious interviews with Las Campanas Compadres on Santa Fe’s radio station, Radio Que Suave; KSWV, AM 810 on the radio dial…

Linda Borrego,  radio host of  the morning program, “Issues and Answers” (which  is touted as being “dedicated  to issues affecting you and your family”) was one of the first people to allow LCC to announce on the radio waves LCC’s mission to  make Santa Fe a more fun-filled place for people with disabilities.

LCC does indeed benefit the particpants of their programs, but the families of the participants are also positively impacted.  There is a deep satisfaction from introducing a loved one to an experience that brings them joy and feelings of accomplishment.  The social aspect of meeting other families who live with special needs is validating, and creates community within the broader community of Santa Fe and its surrounding areas.

Linda Borrego  is such a friendly person with an upbeat personality.  She herself has worked in the Santa Fe Public School system as an educational assistant,  in the special education department at Santa Fe High School. Linda has a heart for young people with disabilities who want to participate in activities that are supervised by experts, so a whole new experience can be open to them.

Linda expertly asked questions about Las Campanas Compadres (why it  was begun, who can participate, how it is funded, and who can volunteer).  The  Las Campanas Compadres founders, a volunteer, and a participant from LCC answered the questions so the  listening audience could become acquainted with the free-of-charge horseback riding and swimming programs available in their community.

The KSWV radio station is tiny, but the personalities on the radio waves for those two day of opportunity to share about LCC were big.  Linda created a “perfect fit” for  20-minute interviews to showcase the  Las Campanas Compadres programs.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to community members, like Linda Borrego, for giving LCC the opportunity to get the word out.

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Weekend– LCC Volunteer Hall of Fame

Marty and Norman-- 2009 Ron Walters Award Recipients

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Weekend Las Campanas Compadres Volunteer Hall of Fame

Cody Morrow at LCC Rodeo 2007

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Friday Stroll Down Memory Lane— Oldies but Goodies

Getting the word out about Las Campanas Compadres programs has always been at the forefront of the group’s mind.

In its infancy, LCC created two YouTube (then, one of the first Internet media formats to communicate to a widespread audience) “productions” to let the world know Las Campanas Compadres is here, and  focused on making the world a better place for people with disabilities.

As YouTube “grew up” there were issues with music rights, etc.,  so the original scores chosen especially for the LCC productions were replaced with their own idea of what fit.

Nevertheless, we  think the images are what make the impact anyway.

Oldies, but goodies:

Life Skills for Students with Disabilities


Tribute to Las Campanas Compadres


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May I Direct You?

Step this way for Riding and Swimming

Now that you have read a bit about Las Campanas Compadres, a registered non-profit 501C3 corporation, on our new blog— (ta-dah! it is the 10th day!)— you may be excited about what we do,  and want to become part of the Las Campanas Compadres family.

In our initial week of blogging, we told you the programs are free of charge thanks to the support of the infrastructure expenses covered by the founders, and the donations of the community through fundraising efforts to cover the costs of instructors, equipment and horse care.

You now know we currently offer horseback riding and swimming lessons at the lovely facilities at Las Campanas.

(Oh, have I told you yet? There are exciting  rumors of a returning LCC  fishing activity which may be on this summer’s agenda!  Volunteers will be needed for this fun activity. ..  More info will be announced when the program plans are firm.)

By now, you know gifted, certified instructors design and lead LCC  program activities, for people of all ages, who have a physical, emotional, or learning disability.  The  LCC instructors are assisted by valuable, giving community volunteers.

And now YOU might ask, “How do I get involved?”

This is what you do:

Go to the Las Campanas Compadres website at:

or call us at (505)820-2707

  • to sign up to volunteer; or participate; or
  •  you could tell someone about LCC, so their disabled family member(s) can benefit from the LCC activities to improve their physical skills, their speech skills,  and/or their social skills in a safe, friendly and attractive environment;
  • to observe a riding lesson or a swimming lesson, to see if this program is for your child or adult loved one;
  • to make a monetary donation through “PAYPAL”
  • to donate pro bono help for legal, accounting, or grant writing services; or
  • to shop and benefit Las Campanas Compadres through an ALBERTSONS COMMUNITY SHOPPING CARD

(To request your ALBERTSONS community shopping card, write to Robert Leher at

  • to log onto Amazon through the LCC website home page;through the AMAZON.COM link/portal
  • to fundraise by participating in our Labor Day Mini Triathlon. Plan on forming a team to swim, bike and run on the morning of September 3, 2012;
  • to share your expertise or your talents for additional fundraising ideas to benefit Las Campanas Compadres and keep the programs running strong.

The website,  has a great photo gallery and

has further information and sign-up forms for participants and volunteers.

To  contact the founders of the program:

Lawrence and Suzanna Becerra: (505) 820-2707, Fax: (505)820-2709; 15 Buckskin Circle, Santa Fe, NM 87506

LCC’s  e-mail address is

Please get the word out about Las Campanas Compadres programs and join us to make a positive difference in the community!

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