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2011 Awards Day Highlights

To come up with a movie under 10 minutes, we have edited footage of the October 10, 2011 Las Campanas Compadres Awards Day .

We are just learning about posting video to this blog and were surprised yesterday’s entry embedded automatically on the blog page. Let’s see what happens today. It may embed automatically or you may have to enter the address in your browser.  As with all new things, sometimes it is a learn-by-doing-experience. Thank you for your indulgence as we pioneer through the technology that enables us to communicate with you wonderful supporters of Las Companas Compadres.

We used a movie-maker program and the LCC Vimeo account to post the highlights of awards day. We included a bit of Rick Ianucci’s (“Horses for Heroes” founder) speech,  the participants’ receiving their plaques, Tim Rolf’s painting presentation, (unfortunately, his wonderful speech on his fabulous “high-tech talking machine” was drowned out by the wind that day and the sounds of the audience) and the gathering of the “posse” that makes it possible for the Horses for Heroes veterans to ride on Mondays.

We thought you’d enjoy, best of all, the images of  the young  and young-adult LCC participants proudly receiving their awards.

At the end of the compiled clips, is the memorable response of the horses when Shiloh’s name was mentioned by Suzanna Becerra as she memorialized our beloved LCC horse.

Thank you, Lawrence and Suzanna, for making this community benefitting organization possible.


You can watch it here:

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LCC Volunteer Kudos- Doug Tewes

Hello Las Campanas Compadres blog followers!  Today we bring you a bit of video to honor one of our swim program volunteers: Doug Tewes.

Doug  was one of the recipients of the LCC  Ron Walters Volunteer awards in 2011.  The Ron Walters Award is given to volunteers who demonstrate outstanding enthusiasm for the Las Campanas Compadres programs.

Please comment if you are unable to open the video.

Here is a smiling Doug Tewes at the 2010 Annual Awards:

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Water Fun X3!

Christian, Marissa and Dave

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Sharing the Love

Congratulation Hug (Marissa and Suzanna--- Marty clapping)

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Let Us Know…

Would anyone like to see the video of the 2011 Las Campanas Compadres Awards Ceremony?

(This is a test… is anyone out there?)
Please leave your comments.

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Remember the Alamo!

On this day in 1836,  the siege of the Alamo began in San Antonio, Texas.  It is the site where a small band of Texans held out for thirteen days against Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana and his Centralist army.  The death of the men who defended the Alamo has come to symbolize courage and sacrifice for the sake of liberty.  Davie Crockett, James Bowie, and William B. Travis remain famous names of those who took a strong stand for something they believed in.

It is so heartening to know there are still people who take a stand for what they believe in.  Folks, for example, who battle for people who are physically or mentally challenged.  I speak of the current-day heroes  who saw a need and generously contributed their resources to make sure that something community-oriented was started. Other heroes joined in, made sure the idea was nurtured.  Many worked as a team,  so the idea grew to become a non-profit organization called Las Campanas Compadres.  LCC will continue to flourish if people continue to contribute their resources as volunteers and donors.

The people who benefit from LCC are the folks who often need someone to take a stand for them, and provide them with a place to safely take part in activities that are fun and help them reach their potential.  LCC  participants are empowered by being encouraged to set recreational and personally challenging goals.  When they reach their goals, a  tremendous amount  is done for  raising their self-esteem and for  general life-satisfaction. Having such opportunities  is often not as available  for people who have disabilities.

Not only does LCC offer  horseback riding for therapeutic activity and the means to strengthen participants with water exercises and swimming, but through the efforts of the instructors, the volunteers, and the community who has fostered Las Campanas Compadres, participants do these life-enhancing activities at the  beautiful  Las Campanas facilities.

It is always good to remember heroes of the past, but it is hats off today to the men and women who have created a successful haven for disabled people of all ages in the Santa Fe area to become stronger, thrive, and reach new heights.

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Wind Horse

Shiloh---LCC's "Wind Horse"

Da naho… It is said,
Wind Horse, gentle Wind horse, you were the last of your kind.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, you were running wild and free.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, with this freedom you did nothing but give;
When one called for help you carried them to safety,
No enemy did you have.

Da naho… It is said,
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, you gave your life one day
To a boy with no leg.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, you gave him your endless love.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, you now run in the Great Hunting Grounds;
Giving joy to those there, as you did here.

Da naho… It is said,
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, your life was not the last gift
You gave the People.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, you prayed for us, you wished a wish for us.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, we remember you through your brother Horse.

Wi: yo: h … It is good.
Wind Horse, Wind Horse, we see you still.

by Tolly Rebeka Christian BlackWolf Hawk


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Radio Broadcasts— Live from the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market


Bob Ross hosts LCC on his Saturday radio show

Bob Ross  has been kind enough to feature Las Campanas Compadres  on his KSFR radio show: “Gardens, Food and Santa Fe“. 

Among the lively sounds of people perusing food and craft booths, the KSFR radio technician and Bob set up a compact but complete radio studio on simple card tables with enough headsets to switch out interviewees from time to time.

Bob’s soothing voice manages to easily conduct his show with interjected questions. He expertly prompts answers and harvests opinions about LCC’s mission and its impact on the community from the founders, volunteers, participants and parents of participants.  The time flies and everyone has a great time.

Thank you, Bob, for helping us get the word out!

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Calling All Storytellers…

We would love to feature your story on the LCC blog about how Las Campanas Compadres has impacted you or a family member.  Everyone’s perspective is unique. Maybe you want to talk about the challenges and rewards of living with a disability, or raising a child with a disability. Maybe you want to describe what volunteering for LCC has done for you.

If you wish to submit a story, please send it to

The pen is mightier than the sword.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton


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Weekend– LCC Volunteer Hall of Fame

Ms. Laila--style and grace

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